L'Obsolescence Programmée de nos Sentiments (FR)
Bloesems in de Herfst (NL)
Blossoms in Autumn (EN)

Scenario: Zidrou
Drawings: Aimée de Jongh
Graphic novel. 144 pages, softcover. Release date: June 2018


An award-winning graphic novel about love after 60

His name is Ulysse. He is a 59 year-old man who just got fired, unexpectedly, one year before retirement.
Now what should he do? Groceries, water the plants? He feels miserable, meaningless.
Her name is Méditerranée. She is a 62 year-old former model, who now works in the cheese
shop of her father. She had to. She could never win the battle against gravity, after all.

The years have had their impact on both of them, visible in the wrinkels in their faces,
the rings under their eyes, and the lines in their necks. But when they meet, suddenly, none
of that matters. Maybe love after a certain age makes us better lovers all together.

"L'Obsolescence Programmée de Nos Sentiments" is a hopeful story,
an ode to age, love, sex, and the little surprises in life that make us feel alive.
It is the long awaited second graphic novel of Aimée de Jongh, written by the
acclaimed Belgian comic writer Zidrou.


Aimée on creating the book with Zidrou:
"Zidrou is one of the best comic writers in Europe at the moment. His stories are
honest reflections about the core of human beings and relationships. He chooses the artists who
he works with carefully, and has made it a personal mission to introduce new talent to the
comic book industry. In 2015, I met Zidrou for the first time in Brussels, at the Dargaud Benelux offices.
He wanted to work on a book together and asked me what I wanted to draw. I said: a love story.
He then decided to give me a love story indeed. “Love after  60”. In the summer of 2015, I visited
Zidrou in his house in Spain to start working on the book together. Three years later, in april 2018,
I drew the last pages of the book."




Release dates

The Dutch and French version were released in Summer 2018. The international rights to the English and German
edition have been sold. These editions will follow in Spring 2019. Stay tuned for more info.
International rights are released through MediaToon Foreign Rights.



More pages from the graphic novel are posted below.
For more material and previews of the first chapter, please visit the website of Dargaud.