(the Dutch word for 'snippets') is a humourous comic series about the author's alter-ego Aimee, her roommate Stef, and many other characters while they try to survive the struggles of daily life. In the series, De Jongh shows her readers the funny side of ordinary things like cooking, household chores, dating, and awkward social situations. The comic was published daily for five consecutive years in Metro, one of the most-read newspapers of the Netherlands, reaching up to 1.6 million readers per day. Snippers quickly became one of the country's most loved comics. A total of 9 volumes of the collected gags were published by the Dutch publishing houses Strip2000 and Uitgeverij L.
After five years of drawing and writing more than 1400 individual comics of the series, Aimee decided to quit. She wanted to move on to new projects and focus on creating graphic novels. But Snippers gags are still enjoyed by many readers. A French translation, Coloc', was released in 2014, and old episodes are still published weekly in the regional Dutch newspaper PC55.

Original title: Snippers / Language: Dutch and French / 9 volumes of 44 pages each, featuring over 1400 gags / Full colour / All ages. Rights and Licensing: Uitgeverij L (NL)

Snippers albums are still for sale at every Dutch comic book shop or regular bookshop. For the Netherlands and Belgium, the books can be ordered online at:

English comics can be read in this PDF (48 MB), which features a selection of translated comics.
Dutch comics can be read on the Snippers Facebook page

A small selection of the English comics can also be found below: